Fast track application

Fast Track Application

Please note that: we do not charge Application Fee and we cover your Entrance Exam Fee! We will not charge anything for our services throughout your studies. 

Here is the Fast Track application process. 

Step 1: fill out the online Application Form 

Go to Application Procedure and hit “Documents to be Submitted”.  Fill out the Online Application Form and select the Study program you wish to apply for (General Medicine, GM or Dental Medicine, DM). Press “Submit” once you have filled out the Form. 

The form is going to be processed and completed then a printable form is going to be sent back for you next day to sign it on Page 3. You will also receive the Declaration Form to sign it, which makes you eligible for the benefits mentioned above. 

Please take care of the above step at your earliest convenience, and then proceed to the followings below: 

Step 2: put the following 6 documents to an envelop. 

Send them as priority air mail to the following address: 

Mr. Andrej Szepesi, Recruitment (Magnificent), Application to Faculty of Medicine, UPJS in Kosice, Matuskova 18. 04011 Kosice, Slovak Republic. 

  • Signed Application Form (what we send back to you in a printable form)

  • Application for Enrance Exam Form (you will get it from us)

  • Copy of Passport or ID

  • School leaving certificate. (In case it is not yet available, you have to submit it by the time of Entrance Exam at the latest.)
    Exemption from Apostillization: applicants completed their secondary education in the following countries: Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania and Ukraine are exempted. They have to submit, however, a notary verified copy of the school leaving certificate and its official translation to Slovaklanguage.

  • Medical Certificate (in English or in Slovak), original (not older than 3 months), signed and stamped by a family doctor verifying that you are physically and mentally able to complete studies at university and able to fulfill the requirements of services in the chosen study program.

  • Declaration Form (declare that you wish to apply through the agency MAGNIFICENT and you want to be represent by that Agency while studying at UPJS Faculty of Medicine (it allows you to enjoy the benefits mentioned above).

So please speed up on the process. We are waiting for your online application form. 

Best wishes, 

The Recruitment Team