Termination of Study

Article 13 
Termination of Study 

  1. The student terminates his/her university study on the basis of: 
    1. completing his/her undergraduate studies 
    2. expulsion from study due to his/her bad study results 
    3. expulsion from study in consequence of imposing a valid disciplinary measure 
    4. discontinuing his/her undergraduate studies 
  2. The student who has not been enrolled to the respective year on the date officially given and who has not apologized for doing so by the time of five days after the expiration of the given date, is considered as if he/she gave up his/her study. 
  3. The student who has not completed his/her study, will be provided a certificate stating all the examinations passed, in which the student will be given to understand that he/she has discontinued his/her university study.