Interruption of Study

Article 12 
Interruption of Study 

  1. The student has the right to interrupt his/her study for two years at most during the whole university study. Due to maternity reasons the student may interrupt her study for three years at most. 
  2. Only the student who has been regularly enrolled, may interrupt the study, and this may be done only during the academic year, i.e. from 1st September to 31st August of the respective academic year. 
    After 31st August only those students may interrupt their studies who have passed all the examinations required for the given academic year, i.e. they have met the requirements for their advancement to the next year. 
  3. The student requesting the interruption of study during the summer term, is required to have all the credits prescribed for the winter term. The student requesting the interruption of study in the time before the end of classes in the summer term and the end of the academic year, is required to have all the credits prescribed for the given academic year. 
  4. On his own initiative the Dean may interrupt study of the student who has been taken under legal prosecution by the time this prosecution will be terminated, however, not longer than for the period of two years at most. 
  5. Interruption of study is allowed on the basis of submitting the official request. The interruption approved is recorded in the student's book of study records. 
  6. In case the student is not registered by the time of two years from the beginning of interruption of study, his/her undergraduate study will be terminated. However, this does not apply to paragraph 1 - sentence 2. 
  7. After expiring the time given for the interruption of study the student is registered in the study year in which he/she interrupted his/her undergraduate study. The student's registration may be conditioned by taking the examinations prescribed. 
  8. By interrupting his/her study the student stops to be a member of the academic community. In justified cases the student may be given some academic rights by the Dean.