Entrance Procedure

Article 2 
Entrance Procedure 

  1. The system of entrance procedure at LF UPJŠ is approved by the Academic Senate. Admission of an applicant is liable to the Dean's decision, taking into account his/her results of entrance examination. 

  2. Only those applicants are considered for the study at LF UPJŠ who have completed secondary general or secondary vocational education. The application form for study is submitted by the applicant, using an official printed form. If the application form contains some formal defects the Dean's Office will call on the applicant to eliminate them by the time given. If the applicant does not eliminate the defects within the time given the Dean will not include him/her in the list of applicants for study and will not invite him/her to the entrance examination. The applicant is required to submit the original or verified photocopy of his/her Certificate of Secondary Education on the day of taking the entrance examination. 

  3. If the applicant is not able to take part in the entrance examination due to serious reasons the Dean will decide, upon the applicant's request, which has to be officially documented and submitted not later than 5 days from the day of taking his/her entrance examination, about the compensatory date for taking the examination. The entrance examination in the compensatory date has to be taken by 15 July of the calendar year at the latest.

  4. The prerequisites for admission to study at LF UPJŠ for foreign students are identical with those for citizens of the Slovak Republic. In some justified cases the Academic Senate of the Medical Faculty may adjust the above requirements, taking into account the Dean's suggestion. 

  5. The applicant may give a notice of an appeal against the Dean's decision regarding his/her not admitting to study with the reasons given, directly to the Rector within 8 days after receiving the decision. 

  6. The Academic Senate has the right to supervise the course of the entrance examination.