Article 3 

  1. Students are enrolled in every year of their medical study at the beginning of the academic year. The dates of enrollment are given by the Dean by 15 June at the latest. The student, who has not been enrolled on the given date, may ask for a delay of enrollment by submitting an official request. The student, who has not been enrolled in the next academic year up to 5 days from the official date of his/her enrollment and has not submitted the request for the delay of enrollment, stops to be a medical student.
  2. The applicant who applied for the delay of enrollment is required to enroll in a compensatory date, until the end of the first week of the winter term at the latest. After the compensatory date the enrollment is possible only with the agreement of the dean. 
  3. The enrollment as well as correct registration of all the subjects prescribed, are checked by the Faculty Study Office. 
  4. All students of the 1st year, who have been regularly enrolled, are given a book of study records which is an official document during the whole period of university study. The book of study records is given to students at the immatriculation ceremony.