Diciplinary Measures

Article 18 
Diciplinary Measures 

  1. The student can be imposed a disciplinary measure on the basis of the preceding disciplinary procedure:
    1. for breaching the obligations following from legal regulations related to the activity of P. J. Šafárik University (UPJŠ), from the Statute of UPJŠ, from the Statute of the Medical Faculty of UPJŠ, or from the Statute of the University residence. 
    2. for breaching the obligations following from decisions of the organs of academic autonomy 
    3. in case the student depreciates a member of the academic community, or an employee of UPJŠ or Medical Faculty of UPJŠ, or in case he/she is cheating in connection with his/her study, or research activity, if he /she has presented himself/herself in the scandalous manner, or he/she has made serious damage to the property of UPJŠ, or Medical Faculty of UPJŠ, or the property of the University residence 
    4. in case the student was legally sentenced for an act the committing of which is in great contradiction with the honor of a member of the academic community of UPJŠ and the Medical Faculty of UPJŠ. 
  2. A disciplinary measure is imposed by the Dean of the Faculty at the suggestion of the disciplinary committee. When deciding about imposing a disciplinary measure the Dean proceeds according to general legally binding regulations on the administrative procedure. 
  3. The disciplinary committee is required to find the real state of matters and to enable the student to express his/her statement. 
  4. The following disciplinary measures can be imposed: 
    1. admonition 
    2. reprimand 
    3. conditional expulsion from study 
    4. expulsion from study 
  5. The consequences of disciplinary procedure for the student's material assistance are given by special directives.
  6.  Disciplinary measures are subject to the Dean's decision by the time of three months from the day he has learnt about it, however, not later than one year after the student committed an act, according to section 1 letters a) to d), or from the day when the verdict became effective in case the student was sentenced. 
  7. The decision regarding a disciplinary measure is issued in written form. The student may give a notice of an appeal against the Dean's decision regarding the disciplinary measure imposed directly to the Rector within fifteen days after receiving the decision. The Rector proceeds according to general regulations on the administrative procedure. 
  8. In the case of conditional expulsion from study it is required to set a probationary period (a period for the student to present himself/herself). This period of time takes two years at most.
  9. If the student who has been given admonition or reprimand properly performed his/her academic and civil duties during the period of one year from the day the decision came into effect, he/she is viewed as if he /she was not imposed any disciplinary measure. The same applies to the student who was imposed the conditional expulsion from study after one year's expiration of the probationary period.